"The fact that a mammoth gift to the US arms industry – and attendant escalation of dangers unseen since the Cuban Missile Crisis – could win the unanimous support of politicians nominally committed to progressive causes is one of the Russiagate campaign's strongest successes to date."

Beyond shameful it shows a total lack of morality & betrayal of their role as public servants to feed contractors to create carnage while their constituents go homeless & kids starve.

"more bloodshed; more refugees; more arms trafficking; more weapons falling into the hands of neo-Nazis and other extremists; more war profiteering; more inflation; more global hunger"

The cost of spreading democracy so everyone can eat McDonald's and have corps like Lockheed & Pfizer dominating their science, education and research.

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Bernie and the #fraudsquad are tools of military empire.

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Excellent, as always...

I would just like to say something...”progressives can turn against their anti-war record” not because of Russiagate...but because they have been “briefed” by the so called “Deep State”...in one way or another...Such unanimity doesn’t happen by accident...

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The alleged left, who once prided themselves on sticking it to the man, are now the servile bootlickers of government and corporate power, it has really been something to behold.

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It is understandable that politicians do the bidding of their financiers so is the case of the Squad and Bernie. Not sure why they are called Socialists when Socialite would be more appropriate. It is even more upsetting that the likes of Marxists Professor Wolff keeps asserting , ad nauseum, that these Squad ladies especially AOC is a socialist. The Squad have never supported any progressive causes in the congress all they have given is lip service.

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Keep in mind that utterly corrupt Biden is also a MAJOR US war criminal !!

Interview w/Scott Ritter, April 6, 2022, By Don DeBar -- Bucha


Scott Ritter’s FAMOUS tweet below (April 6, 2022). He was immediately banned from Tweeter – than reinstated and soon again permanently banned without explanation.

Remember, Scott courageously fought US bipartisan War party’s WMD fraud in Iraq from the very start.

“The Ukrainian National Police committed numerous crimes against humanity in Bucha. Biden, in seeking to shift blame for the Bucha murders to Russia, is guilty of aiding and abetting these crimes. Congratulations America…. We’ve created yet another Presidential war criminal !!”


@DefenceUkraine -- regarding the Tochka-U fired at the train station:

Get the serial number of the missile off the debris. Provide a list of all Tochka-U’s in your inventory by serial number. Prove that missile was never in your inventory.

But you can’t, because it was.. GUILTY !! --- Scott Ritter tweet – April 8, 2022


Scott Ritter and The Battle of the Donbas – April 11, 2022


Russian army is highly trained and professional. Mainstream media should stop repeating Nazi-Ukraine and US War party lies and propaganda.

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TL;DR: Sanders and the rest of the self-styled progressives are weak and easily manipulated.

No, most of Team R is no better, especially not if Team R is in the White House.

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TOTAL silence and censorship on MURDER of prominent journalist Shireen Abu Akleh -- a US citizen, Christian-Palestinian, 20-year veteran journalist of Al Jazeera. Same as with torture persecution of Julian Assange.

-- Only donations from US arms industry and the immense and relentless Russia-gate hoax can explain the bipartisan War party’s proxy war against CAPITALIST Russia.

US is a bipartisan terrorist state – crimes and lies everywhere; US and Saudis should be sanctioned over decade long horror in Yemen and elsewhere.

-- DNC and Biden cabal claims that a biggest domestic threat are “white supremacists” – while financing and arming Ukro-Nazis !! What a FRAUD…

-- Your taxpaying money is paying for salaries of Ukraine administration, including card carrying Ukraine Nazis - THINK about that !!



Ukraine Russia war UPDATE - Col. Douglas Macgregor – May 24, 2022


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Sanders is, and was, establishment. The designated rebel. Yawn.

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Bernie is ratcheting up the fundraising emails lately, I notice, and it's all I can do to stop myself firing off angry missives to him. Sorry, Bernie. You had your chance to call Biden out on his lies and force him to eat some humble pie on the way to the throne. But we all watched as you let him tell one whopper after another during that last debate. If WW III occurs, you'll be partly to blame. And that doesn't get my money or support.

How's that A-grade you gave Biden holding up, Rep. Jayapal?

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There is no need for pretense anymore, even Bernie knows the real game is played else where. The "squad", Bernie and the rest are just replaceable pieces to placate the masses into believing there is a "democratic" political entity that upholds words like anti-war or for the people that has lost any meaning to anyone who spends a little time to see what real actions are taken over and over without fail, to the detriment of people all over the world. The US seems lost, along with those ideals represented by words that are now just empty noises which are used by cynical politicians to invoke mindless and heartless emotions that leads to self destructive actions.

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Through the process of elimination, Tulsi Gabbard seems to be the only player with gonads left on the playing field. Even Trump is losing his balls on the Russia topic.

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It's unfortunate that the so called left during the Trump years lent so much support to the democrat's Russia-gate lies which prevented any possibility for Trump to actually get along with Russia. His trip over there met up with tremendous criticism not only from the democrats, and the mainstream media, but many on the left as well, almost making sure Trump's four years in office offered no chance for him to get along with Russia. It is difficult for me to believe Obama knew nothing of the Russia-gate lie, and it's intent which was used to delegitimize Trump's presidency. Oh, and by the way Sander's position on this issue doesn't surprise me, since he was a total sell out when he lost to Clinton in 2016 and not only supported but extolled the virtues of a war monger.

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there is no progressive movement in the US. Fool me once...

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I'm truly sickened by all of this. I mean, it was given that the progressive movement was dead during Force The Vote; now, it's buried with a headstone on it.

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