I’m proud of you. Great work

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They, “can not fool all of the people all of the time.” Not with AI coming up on the horizon .

Jeez, ya think at least Some people would wanna be on the righteous side of history. Great job Aaron , for all your attention to this throughout the years .

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Thank you !!

IMPORTANT -- Decisive proof that J6 riot was FBI-DNC choreographed – Ray Epps now defended by Democrat machine and key Dem and FBI lawyers

March 31, 2023 -- https://www.revolver.news/2023/03/desperate-ray-epps-enlists-notorious-dem-clinton-operatives-to-threaten-tucker-and-revolver-news-for-j6-reporting/

April 6, 2023 -- https://rumble.com/v2gm06s-equal-justice-is-dead-live-with-revolver-news-founder-darren-beattie-trigge.html

Seeing now everything about US “Empire of Lies”, including thanks to courageous Elon Musk and Twitter Files, it is beyond doubt that 2020 and 2022 elections were stolen..

US State press is paid to lie and must lick asses of their advertisers/controllers -- US arms industry and US fascist bipartisan War party.

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A MUST see/hear – An OUTSTANDING conversation (although War party’s “unprovoked” Ukraine horror was not discussed – although the same odious players and same immense monstrous censorship net)

#1963 – Michael Shellenberger – The Joe Rogan Experience


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Thank you, Aaron !!!

I have two questions on a different subject -- about daily Tucker Carlson 40-minute show – many thanks to anybody who can help me. I have a subscription to Fox but don’t watch TV, I use Fox News phone application. Moreover – I watch ONLY Tucker; I can’t stand the odious war-mongering RINO grifter, Hannity, for example.

1. Although Tucker Tonight airs at 6PM I can watch iy on phone only at about 4AM next day. Is there a way to see it earlier?

2. Many of his shows are outstanding – with high integrity, thoughtful, timely, “must view” jewels. But – I don’t know how to capture and store them AND how to obtain their transcripts (if they even exist).

Once again, million thanks in advance if anybody can assist me.

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The Syrian event was 5 yearsago, almost to the day.

Why rake tis up again?

If we do not decease, we shall foster endless animosity between people who should better, set aside some anger/grief to attempt be a bit more forgiving, and attempt to livre in the NOW, and make the NOW - BETTER than yesterday.

Do not pour gasoline on to a story that should pass into memories, but should not to seek retribution.


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