Aaron - great reporting and the bonus - keep calling him genocide Joe. Thank you for bravery in not backing down. I so appreciate your posts.

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The Biden Administration just handed the election to a Fascist (unless RFK Jr or Cornel West can take both off the map). Israel has--with US help and endorsements--been fighting this war against a people with no army since the end of WWII. Targeting civilians is all israel has ever done with control of land, air, and sea. I guess the "legitimate objective" is the same excuse white men in this country have used to murder Native Americans and Black people for hundreds of years.

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I think your point RE Biden’s claim is really important - “I only trust Hamas to respond to pressure.” I am trying to find out more about the release of captives held by Hamas….but so far only one short clip, which suggested many things but certainly not a bad treatment…. It is strange….Gilbert Doctorow saying something similar…“the safe release of the hostages held by Hamas, and the obvious signs that all were in good health tells us something that no one is saying in major media”. Silence by the media is deafening. Everywhere we can see, if we have eyes, that a genocide in Gaza is going to continue, as is the support of Western Governments. I really hope that the Global South will get together to stop this slaughter.

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According to news reports, 'earlier in the week, Pope Francis denounced the unleashing of Israeli violence in Gaza, saying that “we have gone beyond wars. This is not war. This is terrorism.”'

This ceasefire must be extended and made permanent. Not under oppressive conditions, but as a place where all live with peace and equality. It is time for Pope Francis to do more than talk. He must go to Gaza and make a stand for peace and freedom.

Please sign the petition and share widely.


This is one small thing we can do. If we can do more, let us do more.

Tell your friends, congregation, colleagues, and loved ones. Send a message directly to the Vatican. 

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Thank you, Mr.Mate. Throughout history, empires have always acted the same--ruthlessly. Their leaders have often been idiots who can only envisage the brutal use of force. Justified by racism, and by the creation of an ersatz enemy danger.

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The irony is that destruction of the Jewish state by Hamas would be deemed a second Shoah, but that does not mean that the Israeli state as it acts today is the last best hope for the Jewish people or that its existence is some kind of talismanic guarantee of the safety of global Jewry..

In fact quite the opposite: the barbaric attack on Gaza shows the violence to Jewish values being done by an Israeli regime led by theocrats and right wing authoritarians. The country’s democratic institutions continue to weaken,and warnjngs about Israeli expansion are validated insofar as they continue to lead to ongoing human right violations. Thus also weakens the rationale for Israel's very existence, as the cycle of violence gets worse.

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"Anonymous US officials lent credibility to Israel’s claims, telling the New York Times that “they are confident that Hamas has used tunnel networks under hospitals, in particular Al Shifa, for command and control areas as well as for weapons storage.”

Kinda like the WMDs and Syrian gas the evidence vanishes once the crime is underway.

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Miko Peled, the Israeli author and activist, had a great interview a month ago with Briahna Joy Gray. He said that calling for ceasefire is not enough, the demands should include stopping shipment of arms and money, imposing sanctions, recalling ambassadors, excluding the apartheid regime from atlhletic events, academic conferences, with goal of one democratic state in safety and peace.

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This surely is a humanitarian crime, and eliminating an occupied people is a war crime as well, and the old fool - he was previously a younger fool - should be arrested, or mercifully, shut the hell up, somehow: he actually speaks of "eliminating" 2.2 million people who should have, as a matter of simple justice - a majority of UN members voted for it - their own sovereign state, and have as much right, individually, to live as he, and it could be argued more. Where are his keepers, who are more guilty even than he?

If this isn't Nazism, what is it? Mass insanity? Lawless, inhuman fascism? Those are the choices.

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Israel and Washington share the goal of greater control and dominance of the Middle East and it is going to get worse rather than better. As far back as the1980's Israel has felt it needed a greater land mass for its survival as a nation and the presence of the Palestinians the immediate impediment. Netanyahu is 74 years old and time is running out for his Greater Israel agenda.

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Contact Report 870

The Plejaren extraterrestrial Quetzal


This Netanyahu is no better than Adolf Hitler was, as I have learnt from records of what happened around him during the World War from 1939 to 1945.

I also see that in the overall reporting of the war between Israel and Hamas, everything is held in the same manner as it is in the Ukraine war, namely that there is only one-sided and biased reporting.

With regard to Ukraine, only the entire actions of the Ukrainian army are publicised by the media, but not what is happening on the Russian side.

Similarly, in the Middle East, only Israel is reported on, but not the other side, which means that the media also takes sides here, and only in favour of Israel, which also rages much worse than the attackers.

I also saw how Israeli military personnel hid firearms etc. in a hospital, which they then allegedly found and had photographed by war journalists, with the untruthful claim that these weapons had been stored there by the other side.

And that atrocities were also committed by the Israeli army, as well as by the attackers, which you have observed together with me, so you know what is really happening.

And it continues to happen on a large scale, with the 'great leader' Netanyahu, as a paragon of Adolf Hitler, fuelling the whole thing in full hatred.

That is what corresponds to the truth.




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Also worth mentioning again the clear, lucid pronouncements of experts like Craig Mokhiber and Francesca Albanese who say that Israel is producing "a catastrophe of apocalyptic proportions."

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Legitimate objective. Sounds like something Himmler would have said about the SS in Warsaw in 1943.

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There's lots of support for Palestine from Sinn Fein, the IRA were originally their 'paramilitary wing' who targeted civilians (me) on our way to work in 1991 in London and also in Brighton. There was never any talk of eliminating Sinn Fein by killing all Irish people. They knew they weren't going to go away and now they're in power.

The right wing nationalists also gaining power in India, which may put a spanner in BRICS. British colonization has a lot to answer for.

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How Can It Be?

How can it be? Humanity has tolerated atrocities, crimes against humanity, censorship, wars, torture,

spying on us, lies/propaganda, ecocide, ethnocide, torture of Assange, etc. forever. Is it not clear that psychopaths/insane criminals rule the world?

Perhaps since this has been the case for centuries, no one notices. I see the bourgeois classes living their seemingly superficial, comfortable lives, celebrating Thanksgiving, attending sporting events, preferring to ignore geopolitics and things outside their bubbles, the poor struggling for their existence, and all living for the self.

Is it so difficult to see that who we are is Life, the animating spirit that we share with all living entities. We are in the form of human with our particular kind of consciousness, which allows us to be the only animal with the possibility of living ethically. Yet we don't. Instead we live their paradigm ("might makes right"). This has proven to be a grave error, an abomination, not using the gifts that we have been given and we are having to pay a steep price.

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Hamas is a political party. Would the equivalent be someone trying to eliminate the Democrats or the Tories? Would that include people who support and voted for them?

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