As Max Blumenthal and others have shown, and as is becoming more obvious with each day, the "Hamas attack" is not what it seems. It is now clear that many of the Israeli dead were military, not civilians, that at least half if not more of the dead were killed by the Israelis themselves, that there were no rape or beheading atrocities, and that the burnt out buildings and cars we were shown were burnt by Israeli incendiary bombs. Several survivors have testified to this, and we actually have the thermal footage from the IDF helicopters dropping the bombs. It is becoming perfectly obvious that Netanyahu knew about this attack in advance (warned four times), allowed it to happen, and then used it as a pretext for ethnic cleansing. For decades it has been his plan to finally wipe the Palestinians off the map. Further, almost all the "evidence" Israel has put out to show Hamas criminality has been shown within an hour to be fake: video taken years before, bits from movies, scenes from earlier conflicts, etc. This is a staged psy-op to justify a land grab for the Gaza oil fields and ultimately the Ben Gurion canal running through Gaza to make Suez worthless and drive all the money to Israel. And it accomplishes SO much more politically for the US and globalists.

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It's outrageous that we're supporting genocide in our time. Never again is now.

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Let me get this straight. The problem is not that the Israelis are bombing and slaughtering thousands of women and children; the problem is that they're killing too many so quickly that it causes bad optics. Therefore the solution is to send Israel smaller bombs so they don't kill quite so many with every strike. MUCH better optics!

How is this qualitatively different from Hitler authorizing gas chambers because the Bullet Holocaust, led by Ukrainian Nazis(including one the Canadian Parliament recently lauded), presented such bad optics that it horrified Himmler?

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Biden's "deep distress" about an obscene crime he gave the green light to and oversaw, is an insult over incalculable injury. A short phrase would have stopped this carnage - $3.5 billion a year. Instead, all we heard was "defend themselves" in the context of Israel's assumed, unquestionable rights. Everyone involved in this, and Biden and associated apologists, brigands/murderers, are up to their armpits, will live in infamy until the end of time.

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It's sickening time to walk the earth and consider oneself part of humanity. What indeed does it say of our species that as each day passes, and laid before us on our screens, the deaths of so many children, the elderly and the ill, happen and is allowed to continue with an warped sense of indifference by the political class in the West.

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As usual Washington issues its endless lies. Gaza is the first stage of a larger regional war. The US/Israel pact has bigger fish to fry.

Biden and Blinken are Drs. Death; where they go death and destruction follow.

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" ... for anyone able to see Palestinians as equal human beings, history will remember Biden for his personal attachment to mass murder"


And RFK, Jr.? Why has RFK taken such a hard-line take on Israel? I don't know. Last May, I suspect he was afraid of getting the Jeremy Corbyn treatment? Didn't want to get his wife in trouble? Doesn't want to lose some of his big money doners like Bill Ackman? Doesn't want the heat from the Israel lobby? At the time, the issue wasn't front-line news so maybe it made some political sense then.

Regardless, now, with Gaza getting the "Dresden" & Samuel 15:3 treatment, his take doesn't even make political sense to me. He could easily just continue to strongly supports Israel & it's right to defend itself, but say carpet-bombing Gaza isn't "defense". He could adopt Jeremy Sach's recent advice (in "Common Dreams"; the "Beacon" recently deleted his Nov 2nd article) to push for diplomacy & peace. A “Peace” stance would set him apart as an independent from the Dems/Repubs.

The most frustrating thing is that his stance will hurt his credibility with young people. They don't watch corporate propaganda news. If they dig into this issue, RFK's position won't hold up to scrutiny. If he doesn't tell the truth on this subject, he damages his integrity & credibility on all subjects. Young people have been burned by Bernie; they have an aversion to BS and hypocrisy. RFK is supposed to "tell the truth." The truth would be a lot easier than his continuing to repeat the same BS Israel lobby talking points he's parroted over and over again for months!

P.S. like Jimmy Dore, I believe that RFK is potentially destroying (or at least harming) his campaign. My comments are coming from a independent-minded "fan." In Jan '21, I saw RFK (and Max Blumentahl) speak at the Defeat the Mandates rally in DC . Last March, I was one of the first contributors to his campaign. Last April, I took a 3 day detour on a Amtrak railpass to attend his presidential announcement in Boston (only saw the first 5 minutes of his speech before I had to catch my return train!). Just before Oct 7th, I volunteered at a MI event and got a selfie.

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Any lawyer wanting to build a case that got a lot of Germans hung after the Nuremberg trials would only need the self-incriminating statements cited by you just in this essay. However, as the young people say these days, “as if.” The Nazis have only been correct about one of their typical positions over the last 75 years. Nuremberg was a perfect example of victor’s justice.

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Biden, insofar as history will remember him as anything but vacuous clown and deteriorated imbecile, will remember him as one of a long string of murderous front men for the Capitalist American Empire. America is the most vicious, deceitful, and psychotically operated tyranny in the history of the world.

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Israel’s only claim to the land they control is based on an illegal colonial claim enforced by the U.K. and the US, and without any consultation or negotiation with the native Palestinians. It is now clear that Israel as a settler colonial, apartheid state, that has instituted ethnic cleansing and genocide as state policies has no right to exist. Dissolution and disestablishment of Zionist Israel is the only way to peace. Jews can only live in Palestine if they agree to live peaceably with the Palestinian neighbors, full rights of return for all Palestinian refugees, and complete compensation for lands stolen. Otherwise the Zionists need to leave.

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"Rather than attempt to stop Israel’s assault on Gaza ... the Biden administration is rushing new weapons and making clear that its support comes without conditions."

. . .

Recently, (Rumble 11/9/23 “RFK Jr. Pushes WORLD WAR III Over OIL!” @12:40), Jimmy Dore discussed RFK's Nov 3rd tweet thanking Jeffery Sach's for tweeting, 'By coming out for urgent diplomacy and peace in Israel and Ukraine, RFK, Jr will do the right thing and win the election, hands down.' Thanks Jeff!”

Ironically, the previous day, on Nov 2nd, the "Kennedy Beacon" Substack (Pro-RFK "American Values 2024" Super PAC) censored Jeremy Sach's call for diplomacy & peace! A few hours after his thoughtful article, "Israel’s Chance to Turn Carnage into Peace" -- Friends Do Not Let Friends Commit Crimes Against Humanity, was posted onto the “Beacon” substack, it was deleted! *1

Sachs concluded by writing: "If Israel swallows Netanyahu’s poison *2 that “this is a time for war,” Israel will isolate itself from the rest of the world and pay a devastating price. ... Israel’s friends, starting with the U.S., must help it choose diplomacy over war. Friends do not let friends commit crimes against humanity, much less provide them with the finances and arms to do so."

RFK himself has long suffered from censorship on vaccine issues, etc. Considering RFK's anti-censorship position, it's rather ironic RFK's Super PAC censored itself!

RFK claims he is “telling the truth to the American people” ... except for Palestine? Since May, when he backtracked on his praise for Roger Walters, his stance on Israel-Palestine has lacked the nuance, truth telling, and open-mindedness RFK has displayed on other important issues. Last Summer, RFK promised Jimmy Dore he would debate/talk with Max Blumenthal. So far, RFK hasn't (just like Dr. Peter Hotez has ducked debating RFK on vaccines).

Will RFK ever come out for “diplomacy & peace... will [he] do the right thing...?” Hopefully, … but I've almost lost hope for him as a “peace” & “truth teller” candidate. He's missed so many chances.

Perhaps Jimmy Dore should interview Jeremy Sachs again? It would be interesting to hear his perspective on RFK's Israel/Gaza position.

*1: You can find the "Page Not Found" link by "Googling": "Kennedy Beacon" "Israel's Chance to Turn Carnage into Peace". Sach's article can still be found on the "Common Dreams" website.

*2: During his televised announcement of the Gaza ground invasion Prime Minister Netanyahu said, "You must remember what Amalek has done to you, says our Holy Bible"; referring to Samuel 15:3, literally "going Biblical" on Gaza: https://twitter.com/mtracey/status/1718360354764238929

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I found this charity that is focusing on Palestinian Children and by default parents. Please donate or let me know why I shouldn't have. https://www.mecaforpeace.org/

If possible could this link be pinned at the top of comments? Every day I weep knowing nothing I do alone has meaning. My heart is breaking.

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Anyone who would vote for RFK must be insane.

Cornel West.

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I had a crazy idea a couple of nights ago that the one thing that could stop the bombing immediately, would be for Pope Francis to go to Gaza, to the Rafah Crossing and enter into Gaza with the Gazans. I believe this would change the dynamics as soon as such a visit was announced. Last night I made a petition on change.org

If anyone thinks this might work, and would like to support it , please sign:


I can't think of anything else, given the craven behavior of the western governments. It might not work, but maybe it's worth trying. Please sign and share if you can.

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Accusing Biden of being complicit in murder is false. He is supporting a country that was attacked while there was a ceasefire. You are accusing him for Israel's response while ignoring facts that don't agree with your narrative.

During the last 50 years, you might ask, how many Jews in Israel were killed by Arabs in the streets simply because they were Jewish? You might also ask how many Arabs were killed the same way, but you didn't.

Now ask yourself, were half of the Jews killed on Oct. 7 really in the military? Perhaps at some point, many were in the military, but they weren't active duty soldiers, and like much of Israel, they were unarmed. None were legitimate military targets.

And what about the rapes and the mutilation of people just before they were killed? You don't see that as horrific? A video released by the terrorist shows a young girl set on fire, rolling on the ground, trying to put it out, before succumbing. Standing by, watching, were the Arab butchers, watching. Does that make your blood boil? I didn't think so.

Do you know how many "Palestinians" were killed by King Hussein of Jordan during Black September? It would make the body count in Gaza look small.

Gaza was turned over to the Arabs as a self-governing body, and they elected Hamas to represent them. That squashed the "Land For Peace" deal America imposed on Israel. Worse yet, it never worked. Gaza was turned into an open-air terrorist training camp where children were taught to hate and how to use a gun. It was no secret, and everyone knew.

Mr. Mate' you seem to have been sucked in by Taqiyya. You hear the words of drama queens, and you believe their inflated numbers.

This is a legitimate war, unlike Ukraine. Genuine atrocities were performed by Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) and you would leave that unpunished. What kind of man are you?

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“detached him from any recognition of his” own lack of “humanity”

and hope his campaign goes down in flames as the most undemocratic warmongering murderer in US history

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