It's been wonderful to have you out in front of this story from the start, not only have you helped us be better informed you may have prevented serious time wasting with MSM and possible BlueAnon brain infections. Write on Aaron you rock!

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Thanks for your diligence

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Outrageous. Incredible reporting; wish journalism in general rose anywhere near this standard.

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Page 35 and 36 of the OPCW's report on the Douma massacre has a list of links to videos showing the victims still in situ. Have you reached out to any forensic pathologists, particularly ones who specialize in overdose toxicity, and asked them to look at the videos in order to get their take on what the cause of death might have been? Drug overdose can cause foaming at the mouth and skin discoloration.

Suppose you were a "moderate rebel" who wanted to stage a poison gas attack in order to provoke a "humanitarian" military intervention against your opponent. You would have to poison the victims somehow, and that might not be difficult if you donned a white helmet and told them you were a medic. You could tell them that they had been exposed to a biological weapons attack and that they needed to stay inside and take the "antidote" (really the poison) before it was too late -- then you come back a few hours later and parade the cadavers all over television and haul them away before an independent third party could perform an autopsy.

Do we know the identities of the victims? What were their names? How were they related? Did they all live together in the apartment building where their remains were found? Do their friends and relatives think it was likely that they would have been at that apartment building on the 7th of April?

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I followed the Syria conflict very closely. A lot of stuff and photos were completely fake. The White Helmets were a PR operation, "crisis actors". I recall a photo of an alleged "school bombing", where the hole in the wall was clearly NOT caused by a bomb but instead likely a loader or excavator punched it. I know this because I had to make a hole in a similar cinderblock wall for a certain business that I was doing.

I recall that every week "last hospital in Aleppo was destroyed".

Just as now, newspapers completely uncritically accepted and never questioned obvious nonsense.

The press in general declined tremendously and exists just to amplify whatever their sponsors want amplified, and to suppress whatever they want suppressed.

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The real question is, who were the dead children, and who killed them? Were they Alawites children murdered by the crisis actor White Helmets? I do not think that their identities were even once identified.

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@ Aaron Mate 👍

There is a metaphoric sense of the presence of sulphur engulfing any mentioning of the behavior of the OPCW

leadership's betrayal of its stated purpose and principles; and especially the rabid defiling of the work of its own veteran inspectors and their team. These treacherous miscreants are in league with an international cabal of murderous and greedy cowards, that are themselves defiling the good names of the societies they falsely portend to represent under the pretense of leadership.🐍🧪

Stay on the trail of their criminal malfeasance good sir, the work you do serves us all well.🆗

As Usual,

Thom Williams (aka Ethan Allen)😎

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