When people understand that Zionists control the US and other nations maybe something will change!

Biden is controlled by Zionist money.

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If Biden really is as horrified by Israel's assault on Palestinians as some believe, but allows the slaughter to continue because of the Israel lobby, it only shows how corrupt US politics has become. Whether Biden, the epitome of the Washington insider, was always this corrupt is moot.

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Look up his voting record right from the beginning?

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Hi Jenny, nothing will change. I think this is a function of End Stage Capitalism. The u.s. has nothing left but Finance and Debt financed Military Spending. Why else would Green Berets be six miles off the coast of Mainland China. I wish you were right, however.................

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Hello to you too Landru.

Sometimes I try to be positive maybe this was one of those times.

Mostly I feel raped and ravaged by the thought of our future.

I am old so it's not important to me BUT I care about everyone especially the kids, what world are we leaving for them!

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I'm old too ha. I feel the same way, what are we leaving and why are we doing it. Does everyone feel as helpless as I do. At a meeting this morning a co-worker suggested the mad rush to escape the planet by the wealthy, "Because they know we are doomed and want a fresh start" . I laughed but, there is truth in that. Today with the forever lowercase u.s. vetoing the u.n. ceasefire resolution I know the Genocide will be completed. The only hope is israel's surrounding neighbors realize they are next, one at a time. When Palestinians are gone I will wash my hands of it all. There is nothing left to do if we are that cruel. Sorry, that may be a monetary thought but...............

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It's a 'momentary thought' but it makes sense, I do understand.

Escape the planet means they will screw up space too..................big games and stupid people.

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Perfectly said my friend Jenny. Much love and many hugs from someone with few left to give.

Vote NO on Genocide Joe, Free Palestine!

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Happily I don't live in the US but am watching.

Things not great here in Europe either.

I am sure you have so many more hugs I will give you some too.

Be safe.

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Thank you Aaron.

US government totally supports two Nazi-dominated governments (U and I).

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This is clearly the actions of an administration (or rather President) who is firmly intending to drop out of the election at the last minute, and therefore doesn’t care about votes or voters. I have never loathed a US president more, and that includes Reagan, Bush, and Trump.

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My partner pointed out that at least Reagan, Bush, Trump and Biden never promised to be anything than the bastards they were - and maybe I should save my contempt for Obama. I have to say, he has a point.

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Yes. I had this thought myself OR

He could refuse to hold an election while at war?

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Nah, more likely a brokered convention with a hand picked deep state globalist tool. Money is on Newsom. Because the DNC has gotten that stupid. I doubt that Trump will be allowed to run in the general election. Haley is detestable (a more rabid Hillary. ) In the end, it won’t matter much who gets anointed, because the imperial presidency we live under is managed by committees we don’t vote for.

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Yes there is Newsome......arghhhhhhhh

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It is utterly heartbreaking to read your report. I don't understand how our government can be doing this, how they can unequivocally support Israel, the cruelty is mind boggling. And so many of these people are Christians and Jews - do they not see the hypocrisy in their actions? How can they interact with their spouses and children with this stain on their souls?

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Hello Marianna.

You don't nderstan how your Govt. can be doing these things.

Read some History?

US has initiated coup d'etats all over the world.

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Netan-yaoo refers to this as a "war": there is no war in the conventional sense : this is an illegal, continuous war crime, in which protected entities, doctors, ambulances, hospitals, the wounded, the sick, the trapped, the expelled, are deliberately targeted. Essential goods - food, energy, water, medical supplies are illegally interdicted. Israel is not a normal entity that accepts norms of behaviour. Biden has not made that clear, and continues to make weak, ambiguous statements while he underpins the situation with $3.5 billion a year Americans badly need. All principals should be indicted at the ICC, their movements sanctioned according to the laws of Universal Jurisdiction and summarily arrested in any country they visit in any capacity, and for any reason.

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It is clear that, as Jonathan Cook recently stated, the Biden administration is no longer merely complicit in genocide, it is now a full participant in the genocide.

I wonder for how long the protests against the Biden/Israeli genocide will remain peaceful. Perhaps the Biden administration goons are hoping for violence, so they can do domestically against Palestinians supporters what the Israelis are doing in Gaza.

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Utterly shameful.

However, Egypt's plans are not because they are a client state but because they refuse to enable Israeli ethnic cleansing.

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Yes, I am not entirely sure how to evaluate this action. I'm not saying that Egypt's government is good, but they are in a tough place. If seems like if they just say, "Welcome, come on in, folks!," then they are succumbing to and facilitating the ethnic cleansing. On the other hand, if Israel is massacring people and they are fleeing in terror to the south, what could Egypt do? They can hardly set up an armored line to stop them. THEY would be forced to do the actual massacring and then also be guilty of genocide.

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President Sisi (nasty man) is not liked in Egypt.

IF he let the Palestinians in there would be a massive coup I think.

The "camp" is the middle of the road answer for him.

BUT I ask: How long will they keep these poor people in a camp? It's another potential genocide in my opinion.

Since the US is funding this war all Palestinians should be relocated to the US! The let's see how the 'cookie crumbles?'

US said that the Afghani's who supported them will go to US...............!!!!!

Me......I would prefer that the Palestinians were returned to Gaza and all the countries who have backed this genocide start building new hospitals/housing/schools etc.

Please never forget tis is their land.

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Yes. Hence the wall.

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Ode to a withering experiment:


A limp polluted flag

Flutters sadly in its death throes

While crippled trees in leg irons

Wearily haul themselves

Through another diluted acid day.

The vultures stood outside the gate

Quite unaware that fate

Is unaware to those who wait

In vain. Their pride

Betrays the means of their destruction.

Take my rings and trinkets bright

But leave my eyes which give me light

My tongue which gives me leave to speak

The rest is yours and welcome.

The wolves will suck the bones they bought

Those over which they fought

Their elders always having taught

Them envy. Their greed

Explains their total lack of conscience.

The auctioneer is seldom lost

Our paths have sometimes crossed

But he has never failed to count the cost

Of passion. Desire. Geed. Guile.

Is the whole point of his existence.

Now you have given cause to bleed

You join the wolf pack as you feed

But now you find yourself in need

Of comfort. But peace of mind

Has no home for the loveless.

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If Putin is evil for orchestrating the death from the Kremlin of one individual, Navalny, Biden is guilty of committing a greater evil facilating the death of over 12,000 innocent CHILDREN in Gaza from the White House by supplying without question, the bombs and bullets killing all those CHILDREN.

Biden could stop those killings immediately, by stopping the supply of the bombs to Israel. Where's the equity and outrage?

He doesn't even have the common human decency or compassion to call for an immediate ceasefire announcing he will VETO any UN Security Council call for a humanitarian ceasefire.

Israel is destroying Gaza Hospitals so if the bombs don't kill Palestinians, the remainder will die of untreated wounds and disease. That is EVIL in the blatant ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from Gaza with no homes to return to because of the massive destruction.

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Hundreds of thousands of lives are going to be lost by the time this assault ends and biden is too afraid to say something for fear that he’ll be labeled antisemetic? That’s what it always boils to, if you’re anti-israel, you’re antisemetic. He’s so close to death and the end of his political career, he should just go out with a bang…do something good for once

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There must be a permanent ceasefire in Gaza in order to comply with the ICJ ruling. Not with Palestinians suffering under oppressive conditions, but as a place where all live with peace and equality. It is time for Pope Francis to do more than talk. He must go to Gaza and make a stand for peace and freedom.

Please sign the petition and share widely.


Code pink


Let us also support UNRWA. If our governments won’t act in accordance with humanity, then we will. https://www.unrwausa.org/donate

These are a few small things we can do. If we can do more, let us do more.

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Kirby responded: “I’m not going to get into a hypothetical game.”

I would love to see a reporter ask, "Are you saying you see the US being accussed of being complicit in a genocide as 'a hypothetical game'?"

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We are at a time in history when AI can replace executive level positions

Our executive level positions are still carried out the same way they were two thousand years ago

So they appear idiotic to the citizens

Our masters say replace low level workers with bots

But doesn’t it make more sense to replace a ceo making 20 million plus a year with AI than a hamburger flipper?

To replace ignorant venal presidents and prime ministers?

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Where is Turkey's oft-promised aid armada?

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I just read: It is stuck off the coast and Israelis wont allow the food into Gaza.

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Aaron, if you can, please consider a book review of the one I am currently reading, although 30 years old, it seems very pertinent. "Jewish History, Jewish Religion," by Israel Shahak. He seems to have wanted to give a warning as to where this was headed. What can we learn from it now. Or are there legitimate criticisms that negate his deep concerns?

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Many are saying - and some saying it as supporters of Israel - that this madness will ultimately be disastrous for the Israeli state.

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While the Western world is 'mired' in this genocide....yes I think it is going to be disastrous for Israel.

We will have a WW IF this is not dealt with.

I notice that because of Scotland the potential leader in the UK (Keir Starmer) is calling for a ceasefire!


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Biden should be brought to court in The Hague along with Obama , Clinton , bush ,trump ( who started this hatred of Palestinians ) and the bush sr who’s buried ..maybe this will give America the edge we need to become what we should have been ..a beacon that could have helped the whole world , now we’re despised and taken down Europe along with it …but now the ant people of the world is USA that believes in the goodness of our media who I call RATS …. Talking heads with no brains except a mouth and ears nothing in between !

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