Excellent piece, as usual from AM, especially on this topic. To recap, re the 3 pillars of Russiagate/Russian interference:

1. the bs Steele dossier was paid for (without disclosure) and pushed by the Hillary campaign;

2. the claim that Russia hacked and gave (true/authentic) DNC emails to WL to release was paid for and pushed by the Hillary campaign, based on an assessment by a private, virulently anti-Russia firm whose head has testified they have no “concrete evidence” that (any) exfiltration even took place, and with the FBI having had no access to the DNC server (or even CrowdStrike’s unredacted forensic reports);

3. as AM discusses elsewhere, the private Russian “troll farm” that the IC/Mueller claim engaged in a sweeping and sophisticated campaign to interfere in the election only spent cca $40K on FB ads pre-election (most posts having nothing to do with politics and all being silly amateurish clickbait), has not been established to be linked to the Kremlin, and when they appeared in court to contest Mueller’s charges and demand discovery, the case was dismissed.

Did I get all this right? Aaron, you should put all of this and more in one DEFINITIVE summary of what has come to light to date about this whole ridiculous affair. THANK YOU!

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Note that the FBI has never bothered to question Julian Assange, who is insistent that Russia had nothing to do with the DNC files.



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Thank you Aaron -- a wonderful overview !!

Hillary operatives and DNC contractors everywhere...

And ABC just published an interview by a Hillary operative of Hillary contractor, Steele.

Although Hillary's stench is absolutely everywhere -- Obama for sure played a key role from the start. That swindler is trying to protect his murderous droning legacy -- jailing whistleblowers, first John Kiriakou and now Daniel Hale (solitary confinement). His intensifying drone strikes killed ONLY militants -- after St. Obama redefined term -- militant is any male above 18 years of age.

In the end Hillary and DNC "elite" are the same. Predatory oligarchs ready to do absolutely everything to retain power and their donors. All encompassing corruption and lawlessness is now rampant while our country is spiraling into fascism.

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I think most of us understand that Seth Rich uploaded the info and got it to Wikileaks. Hence the persecution and silencing of Julian Assange...

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Impressive reporting and sourcing. Very detailed and specific.

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Wait wait wait…do you mean to tell me that Saint Hillary —famous, with her husband, for mass political triangulations to protect their sterling reputations actually engages in shady dealings RE: Russiagate? How’s that Trump loving going? /sarcasm

I hope this story finally leads to the complete delegitimization of the Clinton/DNC Russiagate fraud. We’re closer than ever to that reality thanks to AM’s reporting.

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There is still a LOT to uncover on Russia Gate.

So many questions >

1. Why was Peter Strozk casting OCCUNIS lures at Trump team at YE15 ?

2. The whole DNC hack is questionable (there is ZERO presented evidence Russia hacked DNC).

3. Evidence does exist the DNC was NOT hacked (files taken via USB download) > SRich

4. The CIA knew by end June that the Russia hoax was driven by Hilary .They let it run.

5. FB/CIA duped or acted as agents for HRC to stop trump gaining the Presidency against the demonstrated will of the people.

6. Flynn sabotaged post the Trump victory.

this whole episode is a disgrace to America and western democracy. the corruption and rot runs wide and deep folks.

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