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Thank you Aaron for your and your team’s relentless efforts to expose the bipartisan and decade-long US crimes against Syria.

Together with

-- brazen WMD hoax to “justify” the illegal war and occupation of Iraq that resulted in an enormous strategic failure, countless war crimes and close to one million Iraqis dead,

-- the scam of the century – the Obama-Biden-Hillary now five-year long Russia-gate hoax which resulted in current double Cold wars with Russia and China

-- the continuous war crimes against Syria and the enormous and unprecedented OPCW fabrication scandals have entered the history as menstruous crimes of US government, that is, of its DNC and GOP oligarch cliques.

By now I am convinced that after Syria voluntarily destroyed its chemical weapons under supervision of the US, all (read ALL) subsequent chemical attacks were orchestrated and staged by the US and its close ally Al Qaeda/ISIS.

All three immense hoaxes and crimes should be fully exposed and your efforts are truly invaluable. It will not be easy – the full lying team is now back in power – Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Kamala Harris (a protégé of despicable Hillary), many other

Who will be the first among current and former DNC congresswomen and Senators to fully acknowledge the enormous lies and fabrications? No “unity and healing” before that.

Once again, my immense gratitude for your and your team’s heroic and courageous efforts

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But -- nothing one can say explains the horror as well as your actual work and reports !! Your work is indeed invaluable, including the latest two pieces:

1. McCarthyite meltdown shows how Russiagate, Syria propaganda captured 'left' media

In slandering me, The Young Turks demonstrated how Western chauvinism and careerism have been normalized in progressive media spaces.

McCarthyite meltdown shows how Russiagate, Syria propaganda captured 'left' media - by Aaron Maté - Aaron Mate's newsletter (substack.com)


Aaron Mate – June 6 – The Grayzone

2. Pressed for answers on Syria cover-up, OPCW chief offers new lies and excuses

Facing growing outcry, OPCW chief Fernando Arias went before the UN and told new falsehoods about the Syria cover-up scandal -- along with more disingenuous excuses to avoid addressing it.

Pressed for answers on Syria cover-up, OPCW chief offers new lies and excuses - by Aaron Maté - Aaron Mate's newsletter (substack.com)


Aaron Mate – July 2

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A classic exercise of bureaucratese clusterfcking. How can this man---other than out of fear of further Boltontypen harassment, even look at himself in the mirror or not have to shower 5 times a day?

That the UN has become the American imperial state's absolute plaything in so many of its elemental functions has to be apparent by now to anyone of conscience and objectivity.

A damned shame it is that the US in its unbridled testosterone spewing sullies every attempted good work(s) of mankind that in any way imperils its imperialistic agenda.

Thanks for dogging this, Aaron. The pen as a sword yet restrains the mighty into mere wannabes. It's a holding action that aids in getting others aboard for further truth dispensing, and ultimately, for a just outcome.

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They tried everything to get a full intervention in Syria in order to knock out Assad.

Syria just happened to be in a crucial part of the Eurasian region which the US and NATO have been attempting to dominate in order to encircle Russia and China. Had Syria fallen, Iran would have likely been next. The “Balkanization” of Russia using failed terrorist-infested states (which they funded) would have been the next move.

The strategy shaping the US and NATO’s role in the Middle East have nothing to do with the Mideast per se, but with the larger Eurasian strategic situation in which the Mideast serves as a choke point. The real targets remain Russia and China.

However, despite all the regime changes and regime change attempts, the Anglo-American establishment has still completely failed to “rein in” Russia and China and enforce their famous “rules-based order.” Moreover, the US is now a militarily bloated and bankrupt nation. To the degree they continue trying to encircle Russia and China and desperately try to create regime change, they will simply be using up whatever free energy and resources they have left. They can’t win.

This is actually great news, because it means they’re actually going to have to try to understand these other nations and work towards common aims, like science, economic development, and infrastructure.

This is what the Wall Street/City of London crowd fears the most. If Russia, China, and the USA actually get together and agree to the creation of a new financial architecture to replace the now hopelessly bankrupt Trans-Atlantic system (which sits upon a quadrillion dollar financial derivatives bubble), then we could have serious economic cooperation which would allow the West to rebuild what 40+ years of globalization and speculation have destroyed.

This is what the oligarchs really fear. Anyone who doesn’t see that doesn’t get it. The only thing that has stopped most of the major Wall Street banks from being vaporized is the infinite money-printing, but that can’t last for very much longer, and this is known by those running the system.

However, many still haven’t woken up to the fact that a uni-polar US Wall Street/City of London dominated world is over. We’re entering a new kind of world in which most of the old ways of doing things just no longer apply. This should be a welcome development: a multi-polar world in which tragedies like Syria can no longer be tolerated or allowed.


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