Wow. The knowledge that people in our government can destroy people using known lies is so disheartening.

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great work Aaron !!

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Although I obviously didn’t know the background at the time, I smelled a rat when Obama inexplicably expelled a bunch of Russian diplomats immediately before his term ended. It just seemed so bizarre for an outgoing President to try to box in an incoming President by making such a flagrant provocation in literally the dying hours of his presidency.

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"If Russiagate's conspiratorial, moronic and Russophobic standards were applied across party lines, then these established Clinton-Russia ties would have left Hillary deeply compromised by the Kremlin."

Affirmation of old Beltway Bandit adage "An ounce of facade is worth a pound of substance."

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I think it’s important that Aaron continues his deep dive into Russiagate because ultimately, these kinds of operations will continue in new forms.

There has to be a bright and constant light cast on the architects and engineers of this narrative matrix.

Not coincidently, Christopher Steele is the protege of former MI6 director Sir Richard Dearlove who played a key role in the 2003 Iraq “dodgy dossier.”

Those in power right now have the most to lose as this narrative matrix falls apart, including the covid-19 narratives. This means they will likely have to shift gears and create a new narrative as they rush to get their whole “Great Reset” imposed on the Western world.

I think it’s important to view the Russiagate issue within the broader strategic situation. Trump wanted to work with Russia and to collaborate with China on major deals. There was arguably even a possibility that the US could work with the Belt and Road Initiative, which would essentially redefine the world order over night.

THE biggest threat to the reigning Angl-American financial oligarchy is that the US would actually become partners and collaborate with Russia and China on major infrastructure initiatives (like the Belt and Road, science initiatives (Fusion and space), and ultimately, the creation of a new financial architecture.

Regardless of the individual differences or conflicts, the reality is a new financial architecture and economic order is necessary—not a “Reset”—and Russia and China and the US would all be necessary to make that happen.

Were that to happen, then the current oligarchical interests that have captured the US and other governments would essentially be screwed. The Anglo-American financiers wish to keep their order in place. They need the world to be carved up through these kinds of geopolitical games in order to effectively manage their bankrupt system.

And if anyone needs a sense of how desperate this supposedly all-powerful financial establishment is, note that the Fed had been involved in massive emergency lending operations through the repo loan programs, to the tune of 6 TRILLION even BEFORE the onset of the pandemic ie the systemic ruptures in the system and mega derivatives bubble was already surfacing before the pandemic. The pandemic is not the cause of the major financial crisis bubbling beneath the surface.

They are simply buying time.


How Russia, China, the US and other nations decide to deal with this crisis collectively will decide much of the fate of the world order.

In this light, Russiagate was a crucial pivot point for making sure no systemic changes occurred, and that a crisis management situation could be maintained without the US getting involved into any collaboration with the Eurasian powers.

I think having a big picture is important when considering the nature of these psyops, especially when there will be more… Perhaps a cyber pandemic that triggers a collapse of major banking institutions as a means of setting off a controlled disintegration of the current system in order to justify a mega merger of the few remaining megaliths under a new “Stakeholder Capitalism” ie “you will own nothing and be happy”?


It sounds crazy, but that’s because it is. Those currently pushing for a Great Reset and Fourth Industrial Revolution really do have the craziest ideas imaginable.

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Lying Maddow has now been richly awarded -- with a $30 million / year contract -- from the infinite DNC-CIA money coffers.

Russia-gate hoax is certainly a scam of the century but for all equally repulsive Trump propagandists remember:

-- The insane evangelist Tom Cotton urges a nuclear war against Russia – although capitalist Russia has not been Communist for 30+ years

-- Pompeo and “Brandon” administration want a war with China – although China is far more capitalist than the US

-- The incredible crimes against Syria are BIPARTISAN crimes... The US administrations are sadistic regimes - irrespective if under Bushes, Clintons. Obama, Trump, or Biden -- that thrive on the misery of nations. The US is a CORPORATE socialism (a more polite term for fascism)

Syria, for example, was once a self-sufficient country -- before America decided (remember 17 years ago !!) that secular socialist Syria needs “democracy and freedom”. CIA aligned itself “patriotically” with Al Qaeda for regime change -- Israel has, for years, been weekly bombing Syria -- without hardly being even mentioned in the US corporate media..... But – there is a “genocide”, this time CIA fabrication is in China – playing all of us like a violin

Certainly -- F*** Joe Biden !! (why to mask the ruling elite with Brandon)

- Julian Assange shouldn’t be released from the dank chambers of Belmarsh Prison because the CIA contemplated assassinating him. He shouldn’t be released because a key witness against him admitted to fabricating his deposition.

- He should be released because he didn’t commit the crime for which he is charged and a country that treats journalism as a crime against the state shouldn’t have legal standing to bring extradition requests in the courts of nations that consider themselves democracies.

In summary and once again – F*** Joe Biden !! And the entire current “Brandon” administration…

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Thank you Aaron and, especially for your efforts to expose the incredible crimes and coordinated hoaxes against secular democratic Syria. That 17-year BIPARTISAN US War party war against Syria created 5M+ refugees that, among other, destabilized Europe.

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What's disheartening is that "our leaders" have PhD's in idiocy.

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Let's see, Durham, Danchenko, Dolan, Donald, Dossier, I'm not surprised to find a phantom 'D' in here --- "... as part of Durman's..."

Good piece, Aaron. I can't think of anyone with more expertise on this. In fact, I expect George Galloway to be contacting you as a consultant for his just announced next film project, tentatively titled "Agent Double O Zero" in recognition of Bond-wannabe(?) Christopher Steele. What an archetype, combining "The Avengers" (a 1960s Brit spy series) featuring urbane and sophisticated, AND derby-topped Patrick Steed with the lovely and lethal Diana Rigg.

Well then, we shall see just how protected the upper echelon co-conspirators in the Executive branch, the State Department, and both (a pox be on ye) Houses of Congress. It's like watching a slo-mo landslide that hesitates yet creeps ever closer to a real momentum, one that as likely finds you giving some further testimony in high places full of lowdown characters. I noted 3 years ago in a Consortium News comment that it looked like only some low-hanging fruit would fall if any re: Russiagate, especially with such shadesters as Mueller and Comey both having lots of ammo from their previous Fibbie Directors' tenure.

As for Maddow? I'm way past, long-gone in believing she believed any of this crap that she spewed. There's truly the base reason for her being at heart a melodramatic actor whose script is written and performed to keep the rubes in thrall, emotions running high; to keep them faithful to Clinton Inc, to keep their 'outraged' blood boiling for the wrongs committed against their tarnished queen and her sleazy and sex-obsessed consort Sir Bill.

"Nothing shall touch her!" The vaunted Hope of 1960s and 70s feminists, that last glass ceiling, the much vaunted predicator, as predatory (if not more) than her amoral husband.

No matter her scurrilous and treacherous conduct many times previously proven in scandals galore and the morals of her sociopathic kind, they demanded "Her Turn!"

A truly frightful prospect for actually sober citizens.

Evading prosecution so many times already for "I did it MY way...," for putting her personal wants over national security with her Blackberry and her acolytic legions like Lieutenants Huma and Vicious Neera; her claque of harridans and overly-ambitious and unassuming (neutered) young men with their hammers destroying computers TO PREVENT Hillary Clinton's PROSECUTION BY THE GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

I mean What in the Actual Fuck!!

And happy they were to cackle along with her announcing Muammar Qaddafi's obscenely gruesome death. As happy as they are that the CIA was just as murderous in constructing the "Rapist" caricature of Julian Assange to serve their ends. Nice folks. But they love her. Still. Always. And forever. And they are just as stuck in loathing Assange so wrongfully. Rational and level-headed people these are not.

All hail our corrupt to the core political class of institutionalized and criminal mediocrity. Both parties. And the citizens who yet have faith that we have enough pumps to keep this rotten ship afloat.

Here at the sunset of a once great nation once resplendent often enough with some outstanding statesmen and women in its history.

And as I watch, this ship, finally, painfully overloaded with its contradictions---and most citizens watching with yet/still uncomprehending eyes---it turns belly up to slide beneath the waves to reveal the name on the upturning stern: "The Untied States of Moronica."

Homeport: Washington, D.C.

(It is considered bad luck by old sailors to change the name of a vessel.)

But who knew...?

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Did you forget, Aaron? War is peace.

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