Jake Sullivan had a KEY role in launching Russia-gate hoax.

Same people that launched the Russia-gate hoax are now hollering that Russia invasion of Ukraine is "imminent".

All to "save democracy" there -- in order to distract from the fact that St. Obama organized in 2014 coup against democratically elected Ukraine government.

St. Obama installed Biden and his CIA pals as de facto governors of Ukraine -- immensely enriching US "elite" and posting and removing government members, judges and heads of industry with billions of corrupting cash -- in "fight against corruption".

US key exports today are – coups, wars and all-encompassing corruption

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Excellent article. Thank you Aaron. One thing - could all the saber rattling be a distraction from the COVID mess Biden has fomented? Nothing like a war to make people forget how badly they were treated.

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Feb 13, 2022·edited Feb 13, 2022

Well . . . National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan’s news conference on “Russia attack possibly imminent” yesterday at the White House says nothing about Russian military exercises scheduled between 2/10 to 2/20 in Belarus and ongoing Russian Federation “at sea” naval exercises in the Black Sea and elsewhere which is common knowledge in Diplomatic and Military circles around the world (Russia likely scheduled these exercises in and around Ukraine to be able to exert and keep the “pressure” on the U.S. to agree to their demands to back off continuing to aggressively and stupidly push NATO east up to their borders).

Sullivan also mentions the evidence free “false flag operation” intel B.S. we saw former CIA State Dept spokesman Ned Price try to unsuccessfully sell to the American public a couple weeks ago charging Russia with planning what nefarious U.S. CIA types have often orchestrated here and around the globe for decades. That a U.S. “false flag” operation is in the works in Ukraine is a distinct possibility, in part because U.S. policy makers – valuing public propaganda over secrecy -- often “project” ideas guiding their own secret operations onto adversaries to “smear” them in advance. Russia has zero interest in invading Kyiv . . . or Ukraine in general, of course, but it will protect the ethnic Russians in the Donbass. BUT, even if the CIA and various “contractors” can get the crazed Ukros to attack the Donbass, Russia can easily use standoff weapons to destroy them without crossing the border.

HOWEVER, this will make no difference to warmonger fools like Menendez pushing “let’s get tough” Legislation that the extraordinarily mindless Congress mostly owned by the Military Industrial Complex will likely pass, foisting sanctions on Russia no matter what they do. The big problem is that these “sanctions” hurt Euro allies (especially Germany via Nordstream 2) way more now than the Russians! In fact, they are aimed at corralling Euro allies as captured markets for U.S. exports of LNG and food, etc. and keeping them away from the developing Russia/China economic partnership wiring up the Eurasian land mass, etc. Will this work? Not for very long, it seems, as the U.S. is disintegrating at home, burdened by extraordinary debt, deluded that it can still “commandeer” the globe and unable to recognize that the world has now passed into the beginnings of a “multi-polar” reality.

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We are all being played by the security state. Both Macron and Putin are graduates of the World Economic Forum's young leaders program along with Merkel and Xi Jinping was a keynote speaker at Davos this year stating that he is fully on board with the "great reset" and the "sustainable" future proposed by the UN's Agenda 2030. Many of those in "confrontation" are old classmates trained by Klaus Schwab.

Here is Xi Jinping's message to the gathered central bankers, corporate CEO's and other assorted criminal billionaires planning to reduce the global population by 50% by the year 2030:


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Legacy media policy of "fair & balanced" gives us lies about foreign threats paired with lies about domestic threats. What is now a mild cold virus & folks who report treatments and jab injuries are now classified as terrorist threats. We have nothing to fear but stopping corp cash cows and protests against the ruling class.

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The great satan is an even greater satan of spin.

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https://dougmann.substack.com/p/no-to-war-against-russia-us-nato No to war against Russia! US NATO Hands off Ukraine (statement)

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You're a very naive Canadian... The European Communist Commission is just pretending. Don't forget that the german today in charge of the ECC is a NATO lover since the days when she was the minister of defence.


I just added the bag of money to make it clearer to the distracted ones!

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It's all theatre to distract us from what should now be the duty of every concerned citizen across the planet: namely, to bring to justice those responsible for the pseudo pandemic, the "vaccines" genocide and to throw a spanner in the works of the nefarious architects of the Great Reset, designed to turn us humans into a servile species of flesh and blood robots ruled over by unelected, Fauci-type technocrats.

The roots of this conspiracy of the rich and powerful reach back many decades and involve a complex and constantly-evolving network of public and private sector players, whose motivations and methodology are meticulously documented here:


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Feb 21, 2022·edited Feb 21, 2022

My take: The US first exaggerated a Russian invasion in Nov 2021. Russia then played along leaking twitter and tiktok clips of military vehicles being transported by rail. That in turn made the US go into overdrive in January 2022 calling the invasion "imminent". But the downturn of that was that the capital flight from Ukraine was accelerated.

Russia now is in a comfortable position: It is pretty cheap to move military vehicles from A to B (the soldiers stay in their barracks) and let Western media do the work. While Russia can keep doing that for months and even years, the West needs to sponsor Ukraines economy more and more. Capital doesnt like the risk of war, being lost. It needs stability. The crisis is a game of chicken, of who can keep doing it longer. My guess is Russia.

The Ukraine crisis is about a combination of Nord Stream 2, Russian security needs, force execution of Minsk 2 on Ukraine & West and upping the costs of the West to keep sponsoring Ukraine, if Russian demands are not met.

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How long can this mainstream hysterical warmongering continue? The only similar event in the last ten years that comes to mind is when Obama walked back from his red line in Syria at the end of summer 2013, an event that prefigured the mysterious Jiffy Popping into being of Islamic State's caliphate. I hope that's not what comes next if Nuland-Blinken-Sullivan don't get there wish for a war before the end of the Olympics.

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Another brilliant expose’ by Aaron Mate, showing the total subservience of the MSM to our corrupted and bipartisan ruling elite. The only thing to add is how this latest charade of fear mongering is accelerating the loss of legitimacy of our mis-leaders in the eyes of the US public.

After Iraq’s WMD’s and twenty years of disastrous losing wars, after the Great Financial collapse and bailout of the banksters, after the four-year saga of the Russia-gate hoax, and the ridiculous Ukraine-gate impeachment, after the utter failure—at all levels— of containing the Covid virus while wealth inequality skyrocketed, we are being rushed along into two new Cold Wars with both Russia and China by an enfeebled president with a long history of advancing disastrous policies.

So, how long will Americans put up with this? My guess, not much longer.

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